html模版小米成印度第二大手機品牌 每秒生產一臺(雙語)
Xiaomi, a smartphone maker headquartered in Beijing, is planning to build

its second factory in India in cooperation with Foxconn. With a manufacturing

speed of one mobile phone per second, the new factory will help Xiaomi to

further expand its share in the Indian market.


Xiaomi India Vice-President Manu Kumar Jain said the factory will be

located in eastern India, where it will create 5,000 jobs. Xiaomi entered the

Indian market in July 2014. A year later, its Indian factory, established in

cooperation with Foxconn, officially began operation. By last March, 75 percent

of Xiaomi smartphones in the Indian market were manufactured in the country. The

figure will go up by 20 percent with the opening of the new factory.


India has always been a major smartphone market. Apart from Xiaomi, Chinese

smartphone manufacturers Huawei and Lenovo also have production lines in the

country. Statistics from research institute IDC show that Xiaomi has become the

No. 2 player in the Indian marke油煙處理t, behind only Samsung, with a market share of

10.7 percent. In addition, its shipments grew by 15.3 percent in the last

quarter of 2016, while those of Samsung dropped by 13.1 percent.





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